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In December 2019, we proudly introduced our very own successful brand, ClassroomEducation, specialising in mathematics education for school-aged learners, students, and aspiring teachers.

We are committed to aiding learners of all ages, including adults, in comprehending the intricacies of school mathematics. Our focus is on producing high-quality educational products, particularly in mathematics, available in both English and Afrikaans, with the aim of democratizing education worldwide. We are excited to offer a curated collection of engaging, helpful, and top-tier school maths education videos—all accessible for FREE on our YouTube channel.

Why do we provide this valuable resource for free? Simply put, we genuinely care about learners worldwide and their success in mathematics. Our mission is to deliver accessible and first-rate education to every eager mind. By openly sharing our wealth of knowledge, we aspire to contribute to a global community of accomplished learners.

Join us in making maths education accessible to all and honing your mathematical skills. Led by the expertise of Dr. Linda le Hanie, a distinguished education specialist, our initiative strives to empower learners across the globe.

Visit our YouTube channel, subscribe, and unlock a world of captivating maths education.