ETI Paediatric Program: Innovative Training for Hearing Health in Children

We are thrilled to announce our ongoing collaboration with Eduplex Training Institute (ETI) for their latest paediatric hearing program course, focusing on hearing health in children.

Innovative Training Approach

ETI adopts cutting-edge online and practical teaching methodologies, ensuring an optimal learning environment where students not only gain knowledge but also thrive. Their virtual classroom replicates real-world training scenarios with interactive elements such as videos, e-learning activities, virtual patient software, online assessments, and live examinations. Practical hands-on training complements the online modules, providing a holistic learning experience.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our videos for this program cover a diverse range of critical topics including children’s hearing and hearing loss, assessment techniques specific to children, hearing aid solutions, and communication and educational support strategies. Leveraging green screen technology, motion graphics, and our cinematic depth of field, we aim to deliver engaging and informative content.

Explore the Overview Video

Watch the overview video above to get a glimpse of what this course entails. We are excited about this project and confident that it will achieve the same success as our previous collaborations with ETI.

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