New training series for ETI.

We feel privileged and honoured that Eduplex Training Institute (ETI) has once again contracted us to produce all the videos for their latest paediatric program course.

It is an online training program for persons who are already working with adults and want to do hearing tests and hearing aid fittings for children. 

Innovative approach

ETI uses innovative online and practical teaching approaches to create an environment in which all students will not only learn optimally but flourish as well. Their virtual classroom duplicates real-life training situations and uses interactive elements like videos, e-learning activities, virtual patient software, online assessments, and live online examinations. There is also practical training upon completion of the online modules. 

A diverse range of topics

The videos Zikedish is producing will cover topics as diverse as children’s hearing and hearing loss, hearing assessment in children, hearing devices for children, and communication and educational support. We will again make use of ample green screenshots, motion graphics, and our signature depth of field in filming this production. If interested, please have a look at the overview video above we produced for this course. We look forward to completing this new course, and we know it will be just as successful as the previous courses.

Do you need professional training videos?