We Started as a Production House Filming Musicals

This first post is just as much about the musicals we filmed over the years, as it is about the end of an era and a new beginning. Very dramatic, hey? Anyways, when I, Dawie le Hanie, started playing around with video cameras and computers in 2003 – I not only discovered a love for video and technology but re-awakened my artistic self, which was in a deep slumber for many years.

A Vision was Born

I always had a vision and dream to create quality and impactful films. In a moment of youthful courage (and ignorance), I founded a production company which I called Great White Creations, as I was always fascinated and adored Great White sharks. I knew more or less what I wanted to do and where we wanted to be in the future. Also, I reckoned that this new journey could be a cool way to live out my love for films and the arts.

Early Days

So, I started filming anything and everything that moved in front of the lens. Weddings, old ladies who were singing, family members who were singing, little art company plays and quite a lot of school sports and concerts. In the end, the filming of musicals consumed a big part of Great White Creations’ time, and we loved it!

It was during these early years that we developed our skills and trained the eyes. The shareholders of Amazon.com also became a little wealthier after I bought a truckload of filmmaking books from them!

Our Production Techniques Perfected on Musicals

Our very first projects and musicals were always shot in 16:9 wide-screen when a lot of the other guys were still filming in the 4:3 aspect ratio. As a general rule, we always filmed musicals with a multi-camera set-up. Usually, a minimum of three cameras per production. In our last couple of projects, we even used our 4-meter motorized crane, a dolly on tracks, and had five cameras filming simultaneously! Everything handled by a team of just three guys. We continuously experiment with technology, whether it is new software, equipment, or methods – everything so that we can deliver better and better products to our clients.

Although I didn’t study filmmaking and art at school, I believed in my capabilities and reckoned I had an eye for a good composition. At Zikedish, we value quality products and people and are proud of it. We will always strive to give our clients a product which we find 100% satisfactory. From flowing cinematic camera work, beautiful artwork, and designs to the quality of media used for the replication or duplication of the DVDs – we are proud of it. Read more about what we can do for you or your business at Zikedish Studio.

The Road Ahead

Great White Creations is no more in name, and our emphasis is not school concerts and plays anymore, but we go forward with some beautiful memories of days past. You are very welcome to watch our musicals showreel, featuring some songs from our last few musical projects. We hope you enjoy it. The spirit of the old Great White Creations and its’ ambitious slogan – “Creating perfection,” lives on in the soul of the evolved and better Zikedish’s: “Be zealous, be Zikedish.”

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