Innovative Training Videos for Eduplex Training Institute (ETI)

At Zikedish Studio, we ventured into an innovative journey with Eduplex Training Institute (ETI) in 2014, crafting immersive training and marketing videos for their online courses. 

Empowering Education

Our collaboration with ETI has led to the development of impactful courses, focusing on key areas such as the inclusion of hearing-impaired learners in mainstream schools and the creation of an acoustician program for audiologists.

For the course on integrating hearing-impaired learners into mainstream school environments, ten expert authors pooled their knowledge and skills. We strongly believe that this course will significantly aid teachers in effectively educating hearing-impaired learners in typical school settings.

Additionally, we produced training materials for an acoustician program tailored to audiologists. This comprehensive program addresses crucial topics such as hearing loss, Goldenhar syndrome, and various hearing tests and instruments. The touching story of a young girl’s struggle with hearing impairment and her journey ahead deeply resonated with us.

These courses are assured to revolutionise teaching methodologies and provide invaluable support to individuals with hearing impairments.

Fresh Storytelling

Through modern techniques like green screen technology and motion animation, we brought these courses to life. Each video, meticulously crafted with beautiful camera depth of field, not only imparts knowledge but also resonates emotionally with viewers.

A Greater Purpose

Being part of ETI’s journey has been an honor. We are proud that our videos serve a greater purpose—empowering educators, professionals, and individuals impacted by hearing loss.

Experience the Difference

Explore how Zikedish Studio creates transformative narratives through video. Discover our capabilities and envision the possibilities for your business or educational institution.

Elmé Selesho

“Zikedish completed a series of educational training videos for our online programmes. All projects were enthusiastically received. The planning, filming and delivery of the videos were executed with precision. Zikedish showed great interest and understanding of the content and our individual company needs. It was a pleasure working with Dawie”.

Elmé Selesho

Program Coordinator, ETI
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