Revolutionizing Legal Education: Juta and Company’s ALPO eBook

We were privileged and honoured to collaborate with one of Southern Africa’s leading book publishers, Juta and Company, in producing interactive multimedia videos for one of their bestselling books, “Applied Law for Police Officials” (ALPO) by Adv C Joubert.

Pioneering Innovation

This interactive eBook represents a pioneering step in South Africa, seamlessly blending text, video explanations, interactive questions, process maps, infographics, and learner-assessment tools. It provides a comprehensive learning experience with online lecturer support.

Meeting the Brief

Our task was to integrate print media with video content while capturing Adv Joubert’s teaching style for police officials and students.

Visionary Creation

Our vision was to craft an immersive, futuristic environment that seamlessly blended a realistic 3D backdrop with advanced green screen technology. This innovative and dynamic approach not only captivates a wide audience but also upholds the timeless essence of Juta’s esteemed legacy. Through the art of compositing, we brought Adv Joubert into this vibrant, ‘living’ Juta branded library of the future, infusing it with energy and modernity while retaining its core identity.

Modernizing Traditional Learning

Advocate Joubert emphasized visual clarity and information highlighting. We developed a style guide, selected fonts, and colours in line with Juta’s branding, ensuring a modern and reader-friendly video experience.

Engaging Visuals

Our videos are enriched with engaging motion graphics and illustrations created by the renowned award-winning cartoonist Sifiso Yalo. His captivating illustrations bring concepts to life, complementing the video content seamlessly. Staying true to the essence of traditional learning, our team crafted a range of applicable motion graphics that highlight key concepts in vibrant, meaningful colours. This deliberate visual strategy not only enhances comprehension but also aids in information retention, making the learning experience both engaging and effective.

Impactful Launch

Juta launched the Applied Law for Police Officials eBook in late 2020, marking a significant advancement in legal education in South Africa. The success has led to further collaborations for videos on other Juta publications.

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Marlinee Chetty.

“Oh Wow!!! The videos came out awesome. Thank you so much Dawie”.

Marlinee Chetty

Product Management Manager, Juta and company
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