Our First Music Video

We thoroughly enjoyed filming the “One Mistake” music video, immersing ourselves in the energy and passion of the talented musicians. This original music video blends Heavy Rock with Gospel Influences, showcasing the talents of Francois Nortje (drums & vocals), Christoff De Beer (vocals), Wikus Klinkert (guitar), and Riaan Du Plessis (bass guitar).

The Story Behind the Music Video

This song, crafted by the talented drummer and composer Francois Nortje, delves into the tragic tale of a young man led astray by the temptations of the world. Ultimately, those he hurt the most, including those complicit in his downfall, find solace and redemption in Jesus Christ.


Filmed with an old Canon XL2 and edited using Premiere Pro on a modest setup, the music video came to life amidst the camaraderie of a dusty half-built house on a scorching South African summer day in Pretoria. What an experience!


Dawie le Hanie took on the roles of filming, editing, and directing for this project. He and Francois chose to narrate the story chronologically, aligning it with the song’s lyrics while interweaving the energetic performances of the musicians.

For colour grading, we opted for a gritty bleached bypass look during post-production. This technique accentuated the band’s raw performance, contrasting starkly with the symbolic darkness depicted in the storyline. Dawie’s graffiti and artwork added depth, intertwining worldly elements with themes of hope and salvation.

After the Video

Subsequently, Francois and Riaan formed the successful group Voir Dire, furthering their musical journey. It was an honour to contribute to this project, collaborating with such positive and talented individuals.

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