Our first music video.

We had a great time filming the “One Mistake” music video and enjoyed every moment of the guys’ energy and passion – doing what they love! This original Heavy Rock/Gospel music video features the talents of Francois Nortje (drums & vocals), Christoff De Beer (vocals), Wikus Klinkert (guitar) & Riaan Du Plessis (bass guitar).

The story behind the music video

This song was one of the first songs written by the very talented drummer and composer, Francois Nortje. It depicts the tragic story of a young man who strayed from the righteous path and was seduced by the evils of this world. In the end, the people he hurt the most, and ironically those who were part of his downfall, found peace and salvation in Jesus Christ.


The music video was shot with a Canon XL2 and edited on an old, slow PC with Premiere Pro and very little knowledge at the time… All the guys came together in a dusty half-build house on a hot South African summer’s day in Pretoria to help shoot this video for Francois. What an experience!


Dawie le Hanie did all the filming, editing, and directing for this music video. He and Francois decided to showcase the tragic story chronologically as it flowed better with the lyrics and to intercut this with the energetic performance of the musicians.

For the color grading, we decided to give the band’s performance a very gritty bleached bypass look. Lots of blown-out highlights to contrast with the symbolic darkness the troubled man went through. The graffiti and artwork on the buildings were drawn afterward by Dawie during post-production and anchors the worldly elements with the hope of salvation.

After the video

Francois and Riaan later went on to form the group Voir Dire which produced many successful songs together. We felt privileged and blessed to be part of this project, and it was only a joy working with such positive guys.

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  1. Brian Blackwood

    I like the video way more than the song. The song is too heavy for my liking. Good effort though.

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