Cameraman and three young actors in a scene on day one of filming 'Samson had no muscles'.

Behind-the-scenes: “Samson had no muscles”

Zikedish’s Dawie le Hanie, known for his perfectionism and meticulous attention to detail, has been chosen as one of the main editors for the upcoming film ‘Samson had no muscles,’ directed and written by the multi-talented Jacques Gombault. Jacques, in addition to directing and writing, will also portray the cyborg character, promising a unique and captivating performance. This is Jacques’ second full length feature film.

The Stellar Cast

Joining Jacques are seasoned actors like Paul Buckby (Otto’s dad) and the talented Inge Pohl-Culbert (Miss Smith), alongside exciting newcomers Pero Britz (Otto – lead role) and Jarrod Haines (antagonist). Each brings their own flair to this adventurous children’s film with a powerful Biblical message.

Filming Adventures

Filmed at the picturesque Galagos estate east of Pretoria, the project enlisted the expertise of Louis Gagiano as Director of Photography, capturing vibrant scenes with a cutting-edge Sony 4K camera. The involvement of stunt coordinator Jordan Shade promises thrilling action sequences, while Ghurtah studios contributes exciting 3D animation to enrich the visual experience.

Besides being responsible for a lot of the film’s editing work, Dawie also filmed some of the crane scenes, extras and behind-the-scenes footage for the film. Read more about what we can do for you or your business at Zikedish Studio.

Jacques’ company, Flutterby Productions, spearheads the production, with post-production efforts ongoing to bring this imaginative tale to life. Despite challenges and the need for additional funding, the team at Zikedish remains proud to have contributed to this creative endeavour.

Jacques Gombault.

“It is not often that you meet a specialist on editing that is so open to a director’s creative ideas and willing to explore it. It is common in the industry that the editor’s opinion becomes part of the problem. Not so with Dawie le Hanie. It is easy to recommend him.
His camerawork makes you realize that like an engineer he knows exactly what effect will produce the correct result, ranging from the lens, F-stop to the type of lighting.
I was amazed. Experience has proven that few camera operators share their knowledge, if any. Not so with Dawie. His camerawork as his editing is of extremely high quality. I can confidently recommend him for any production”.

Jacques Gombault

Producer, Director, Writer & Actor
P.S. We also want to thank Johan Pretorius for the use of these photographs by him.
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