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Video productions. Film services

At our core, we excel in creating a diverse range of videos, tailored to meet the unique needs of training, corporate, and music sectors. Our expertise extends beyond production, as we offer a comprehensive suite of post-production services to support the independent film and media industry. Our clients include, amongst others: Juta, Phonak (Switzerland), HASS Group, Ear Institute and Eduplex Training Institute.

Zikedish video production team members

Professional production services

Video production involves capturing and editing video footage to create compelling visual content. At Zikedish Studio, we offer professional video production services with years of experience. We specialize in corporate videos, training videos, and music videos, utilizing a small greenscreen studio, cranes, and mobile dollies for dynamic shots.

In addition to our production capabilities, we also provide comprehensive scriptwriting and directing services. Whether you have a concept in mind or need assistance in developing a script from scratch, our experienced team can bring your ideas to life. From pre-production planning to post-production editing, we guide the creative process every step of the way to ensure your vision is realized on screen.

Whether you need to showcase your brand’s story, educate your team with effective training materials, or create captivating visuals for your music, we tailor our approach to meet your specific goals. Trust Zikedish Studio to turn your ideas into impactful visual narratives that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Our speciality services

Our specialty services include creating engaging training videos and expert compositing for impactful visual storytelling.

Training videos

What is a training video? A training video is a dedicated video that aims to educate viewers about a particular subject, providing instruction and knowledge to develop a specific skill. In simple terms, it is visual content that usually demonstrates step-by-step procedures or techniques.


Compositing involves the integration of visual elements sourced from different origins into unified images, typically with the purpose of portraying these elements as cohesive components within a single scene. As an integral part of our comprehensive range of post-production services, we offer expertise in compositing techniques.

Post-production services

Post-production in film and video making refers to the stage where raw footage is edited, visual effects are added, sound is mixed, and colour grading is applied to enhance the visual mood and aesthetics, ultimately creating the final polished product. Here follows our post-production services.

Editing by Zikedish.


Moulding, carving and bringing to life your vision is what we live for. We will edit your HD or 4K footage with speed and precision.

Colour grading

We love colour grading!  This is the process during which we sculpt a film to find its true character and mood.

Colour grading by Zikedish.
3D animation


From modelling, rigging, texturing, lighting and the final render – we bring ideas to reality.

Visual effects

Exploding asteroids, soldiers in heated gun battles to live-like 3D holograms – we give life and realism to any scenario.

Visual effects from Samson had no muscles.
Dawie le Hanie composing music.

Music and Sound design

We believe that every project deserves a distinctive touch of uniqueness and excellence. To achieve this, we specialize in crafting original music compositions and providing meticulous sound editing and mastering services, ensuring the highest quality in the final production.

Mastering and Delivery

We provide full, final audio and image mastering services. Deliverables are created in standardized formats, whether it is for the web, DVD or the big screen.

Example of Zikedish produced DVD's.

Examples of our work

We are specialists in our field and have dedicated our time to studying and understanding the art of filmmaking, thus ensuring that each project is close to a cinematic masterpiece. We value each client, and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Feel free to watch or read more about some of our projects on our news page.

Do you require professional video and post-production services?

Let us collaborate and bring your vision to life. Contact us today to discuss how we can help elevate your video content with our professional services.