Eduplex: Videos Close to Our Hearts

At Zikedish Studio, we’ve had the privilege of creating heartfelt videos for Eduplex, a private Christian school in Pretoria. Founded in 2002 by Mr. Nelson Mandela. Eduplex began as a God-given vision to the director, Mr Nico van der Merwe Sr., to make a difference in deaf education.

Eduplex is a private, Christian, mainstream school in Pretoria. It comprises a Pre-, Primary and High School, as well as an Audiology and Speech-Language department. At Eduplex, a small number of deaf pupils are included in each class.

A Meaningful Partnership

Over the years, we’ve produced several videos for Eduplex, each capturing the school’s vibrant spirit and impactful initiatives. From “Eduplex in a nutshell,” “Deaf learners at Eduplex,” “A leap of faith,” “Dynamic FM” to “Inclusion at Eduplex,” every project has been a testament to our shared vision.

The “Eduplex in a nutshell” film was one of the first projects where Dawie and Linda wrote the script together and is a particular favourite of ours.

“The school and the awesome work they do for deaf learners are close to our hearts – as Linda, is also deaf in her one ear.”

Dawie le Hanie

Capturing Joy and Challenges

We had a great time filming. The sports chapter, chapter 6, was particularly fun to film. Besides the children’s energy and enthusiasm, everything for this chapter was unscripted; we just had an idea. We and the three teachers – or should we say “presenters” had so many laughs during filming, it was almost impossible to complete the scene. With many jokes, sudden bouts of stage fright, and literally an hour and a half of laughter later – Nehan, Scott, and Christo pulled it off just fine.

The most challenging chapter we filmed was chapter 7, featuring the various cultural activities presented at the school. The teachers knew they wanted to showcase the children’s music, photography, choir, drama, and dance talents, but had no idea how to show it to the public. So when we arrived in the morning, we chose a song on the spot and choreographed a quick live performance. A “celebrity” teacher conducted it. Everything was filmed with a Canon 50 mm f1.4 prime lens, and only at the end of the performance, the overall picture was revealed by the use of an 18 mm wide lens. Of course, there were bumps and bruises in the production, but seeing that this was all impromptu with some of the children being deaf, everything turned out pretty well.

Client Satisfaction and Cinematic Vision

Our commitment to client satisfaction is reflected in our cinematic approach to storytelling. To give the “Eduplex in a nutshell” film that extra special Zikedish touch, We collaborate with talented composers like Francois Nortje to create original scores that enhance the emotional depth of our films. He did a superb job and helped to engrave this film into our hearts personally forever.

In the end, everything turned out perfect, and our clients were delighted – what more can we ask!

Experience the Journey

Join us in celebrating our partnership with Eduplex through these heartfelt videos. Experience the essence of their impactful work and our dedication to cinematic excellence at Zikedish Studio.

Nico van der Merwe Sr.

“Dear Dawie and Linda. I want to congratulate you on the excellent video – very professional and captures the essence of Eduplex. Thank you very much for the outstanding work!”

Nico van der Merwe Sr.

Founder & Director, Eduplex
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