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What is Zikedish?

Zikedish is a vibrant and versatile media enterprise, engaging in a wide range of creative endeavours spanning book publishing, video production, video post-production, music, and education.



Video productions. Film services

Our studio specialize in the production of training, corporate and music videos. We deliver a full bouquet of post-production services to the independent film and media industry. Our clients include, amongst others: Juta, Phonak (Switzerland), HASS Group, Ear Institute and Eduplex Training Institute.


Learn. Empower yourself

In our education division, we develop educational material aimed mainly at school-going learners, students and novice teachers.

Zikedish spaceman discovering new worlds.


Discover captivating worlds

We are thrilled to announce our latest venture into the world of book publishing! Stay tuned for upcoming releases and be prepared to embark on literary journeys that will leave a lasting impact. Welcome to our exciting new chapter in the world of publishing!